Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Maroon 5! Adam Levine! Oh Yeah!

Back in like march my friend Tonya had posted about Maroon 5 coming to Dallas and asked if anyone wanted to go.  I bought a ticket knowing I'd probably be due a girls night after having Hason.  I also called my mother and sister in law to tell them about it because Kelly Clarkson was also performing and my sister Ashleigh looooooooves Kelly!  So Landon's family was also in town that weekend.

They brought Landon a gun that used to be his Papa Bucks that he left for Landon when he passed away.

See, he was feeling much better

We started getting ready for the concert, Teresa brought this awesome curling iron.  You just put a strand of your hair in it, push a button and it sucks it up in there and curls it for you in just a couple of seconds!!!

The end result! Seriously awesome!  Too bad it's like $300!

 Brielle loved having everyone in town and enjoyed playing Dr. with her new doctor toys I bought her (dollar section at target)  She kept saying that everyone has Sickitis lol! Love her!

Ready to go!

I love the Dallas skyline and seeing all the tall buildings.  I forget I live here sometimes cause if you don't live in the heart of Dallas everywhere else is like pretty much like living anywhere else :) Does that make sense. 

Wahoo! Adam Levine here we I come!!!

We bought the lawn seats cause they were the groupon.  Tonya who used to live in Dallas said she use to always but the lawns seats to concerts here and it was the best cause you could still get close but not spend a pretty penny.  Well apparently this is the biggest concert to ever come here cause it was packed and we had the worst seats in the house, literally!  We were up against the back wall.   Also half of Dallas was late getting there and we pulled into the parking lot an hour after the concert started. Thank goodness someone else opened and Ash was still able to hear 5 of Kelly's songs.

And that man did not take his tank top off...what the heck!

I had a BLAST and decided I really love going to concerts and should try to go to many more! I also didn't realize how big of a fan of  Maroon 5 I was and how many of their songs I all of them!

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