Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Coffee and The Fair

Kasey and I took a little trip downtown for lunch last week to explore and see what we could see.

We found this little gem....

I don't drink coffee black but Kasey does.  She let me try a sip of hers and OMG was it good.  It was some kind of ethnic coffee.  I now believe that is what coffee is supposed to taste like and everything else is crap.  Kinda like the time I had a home grown home picked tomato and couldn't believe the difference in the taste and wondered what int he world had I been eating all along.

I don't think we were the smartest cookies taking a baby into such a quiet zen place but he did really good, I was impressed.

Double Chin!

The next day we went back downtown because I scored two free tickets to the fair. Wahoo!

Got to see the new and improved Big Tex (That's his name right?)

and my new hobby for when I turn 70...

And Kasey found her dream toy! That was the coolest toy ever, forget Power Wheels...we want a horse!

I doesn't take much to impress me now a days when it comes to mom stuff so of course I thought this sunscreen dispenser was awesome!  How convenient for when you bring the kids and forget your sunscreen or don't' think your gonna need it cause it's not sunny.  I stress about my kids and sunscreen, no sunburns in this house!

We still had a little time left before B got outta school so we made a nice cozy fire...ok not really, we went to World Market.

AHHH! It's too hot mom!

And this my friends is the face I get to come home to everyday.  Lucky me :)

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