Saturday, October 5, 2013

Nature Walk

Since B doesn't have school on Fridays we may make it tradition to go out and eat breakfast in the mornings.  I love our donut shops here...they may not be the cutest of shops but every time I've ordered they've always thrown in a free donut!

After breakfast we took a nature walk through one of  our newly found walking trails.

Our city has hidden walking trails all throughout. They haven't been manicured and have been left to grow naturally.  This is the walkway into the forest.  

Then  you turn the corner and TAAADA!!!

It's beautiful!

I like that you don't have to worry about sunscreen much.

Some peoples homes line the walkways.

We stopped to see if there were any creatures in the water.

Tones of little fish. They swam right up to us hoping we had food.  So we teased them the whole time by throwing in dried pellets of mud.

We said next time we would bring back dad and some bread.

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