Monday, October 7, 2013

Octoberfest Mckinney Tx

This last weekend drove up to Mckinney for their Octoberfest.

Brielle kept telling me she couldn't open her eyes cause it was so bright was cloudy.

Hay Maze

They had Wiener dog races.

Yum the food!

I got potato pancakes.  If you've never had are missing out....however the ones I make are 10 times better than these that I tried.

Ha caught in mid chew....

A Um house cleaner maze? Odd.  Brielle said "look at the washing machine maze" lol, love her little takes on life!

While dad waited in the incredibly long line for the face painting we made a pumpkin face......

When B finished her project Landon decided that line was way to long and it was way to hot to wait in we told her they closed.  Oh yes we did, parents of the year there.  We are gonna pull that move for as long as we can cause someday we will have to stay in that excruciating line.

We did find a fun little game for these to compete in.
She was so determined to beat her dad and kept looking back to see where he was.  When she got her barrel stuck you could see she just wanted to pick it up and carry it instead of roll it, anything in order not to lose. I think she's gonna be competitive like her daddy.

She won...but maybe not fair and square.  She's got a good daddy :)

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