Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Khara and Alicia In Town!

My sweet friends came into town a couple weeks ago. It was kinda in impromptu thing so I was excited!
Here's Khara meeting Hason for the first time. (See Landon in the background standing 2 inches from the tv, apparently we were to loud and annoying for him to hear his game ha, calm down it's not that serious)

Alicia has a baby girl one week older than Hason. Lol her face.
 I was happy that Hason didn't have a fever and woke up happy and talking that day. I would have stayed home if he was still sick but thank goodness he wasn't.  I really needed a weekend to myself.
This is how they spent their day.

We started out with some shopping at my favorite store Apricot Lane.

Then we went downtown to meet our friend Melanie and shop some more at the mall.

My beautiful Hason......

We were sure to hit up the Dillards shoe sale!! Those are mine on the left, HOLLA!

We made a special  stop to try out the famous Sprinkles cupcakes

The line was insane...out the door and inside it looked like this. 
We finally got our cupcakes. Mine was good, I've never tasted a bad cupcake but it wasn't all the hype they were cut out to be.  I prefer my cupcakes super sweet with real frosting.  After our cupcake splurge we headed back to my place to get ready for our night out on the town.

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