Friday, October 11, 2013

A Cousin, A Sister and Some Crazy Hair!

Landon's cousin Brent pretty much has to best job/life right now!  He gets to travel a lot, do his own thing and he gets sleep lol.  Sometimes his job sends him to Dallas and we get to catch up.  I got the sweetest pictures of him reading Brielle her bedtime story.

Brielle had a Hilarious Hair day at preschool in honor of the letter "H".  I was going to put feathers in a ponytail when I came across her one year old birthday hat and thought I'd try something out...and it worked! I wondered if she might be embarrassed because of how silly she looked but she was so proud and rocked that hair at school! I hope she never cares to be like everyone else and always chooses to be a bit different.

The flower she picked for dad at school.  She said she got me one too but we couldn't find it, so dad and I had to share lol.

My sister is  coming to stay for a bit , Landon wanted to welcome her with portraits of her animals since she loves them so much.
Mack with his drool.

We always joke about how Abby would be the perfect chihuahua if only his legs weren't so awkwardly long.  Landon's so mean...poor little baby Abner. 

His one tooth Landon likes to make fun of. Granted he has had to have a few teeth pulled here and there but he has more than one. Landon likes to pick on little Abby and that dog still adores him.

I was sure missing my sister and my boys! Since Halloween is Kasey's favorite she's always sure to bring us gifts!!

I can't even tell you how happy and complete it makes me feel to have her close. Get over here Sherry Ann!! 

She bought me Eskimo salt and pepper shakers, can't wait for Landon to see those haha!

Landon go to play golf  half the day Friday.  Yeah lucky guy...I have to say my job is much harder than his right now, Oh an 8 to 5 would be heavenly right now.  

He surprised Brielle and I each with a bouquet of flowers!

Love them! Never seen green flowers before and all the colors match my house.

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