Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sometimes The Simplest Days Are The Best Days!

Sunday was a lazy day. I have to say it was one of  my most favorite days I've ever had. It's funny to me to think that something that simple can make me so happy and be so fun. Landon kept Hason all night long Saturday and I got the longest stretch of sleep I've had in 3 months. I woke up swollen cause my body literally didn't know what the heck had happened to it, that's sad...soooooo overly ready for this chapter of a newborn in my life to be over.  I am done with this nonsense of no sleep.

Anyways back to the fun.  Kasey and I had a mini spa day.  We put on our creepy face masks and gave ourselves manicures. (Why do I have to have such a giant forehead!?)

We looked so stupid I couldn't help but laugh, then we couldn't stop laughing at how ugly I looked when I did laugh......gross!  

 I'm trying to grow my nails out for the 10,023,940,938,278,548,093,287 time.  Painting them always helps and I bought some of that nasty tasting nail polish and it has helped a ton.  I may be doing this at a bad time because of all the stress I have from a baby but I'm willing to try anyways. I hate having ugly hands, it's so incredibly embarrassing.

We loved the facial and could totally tell a difference in our skin! Now time to make those wrinkles go away.

The weather was perfect Sunday! It was cooler and just beautiful.

Landon and I cleaned up the garage sale mess and organized/swept our garage.  The beautiful weather made being outside and the work load fun.  He also decided to deflate our pool toys :( sad day... until next year.)

Mack fell in the pool trying to help Landon with the cleaning. Good thing he was right there to grab Mack's wrinkles and pull him out or he would have sunk right to the bottom.  Poor wooly!
(I forgot to mention he also tried to jump through our closed window on our second story, he's not the brightest bulldog in the box ha!)  Good thing he's so cute....baaahaaa!

I have fabulous Aunt and Uncle sold their house in Amarillo and are moving here.  My Uncle is still working in Amarillo but my Aunt has moved here and is living with my mom while she is house hunting!
My sister Sherry Ann is the only one in my family left in Amarillo besides Landon's family.  Now how can we get her to come here...hmmmm?

We had dinner at my moms to celebrate my Yasmin being in town, she always makes us a feast, and good Lord do I need some wine!   I need something to relieve my stress these days.

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