Thursday, October 10, 2013

Frisco Discovery Center

We still had half a day left after we left Octoberfest so we decided to visit the Frisco discovery center.

But first someone had to eat.

I just love these kind of places.  I really miss our Discovery Center in Amarillo. We had a membership there and it was such a perfect place to take you kid in the cold Winter months.

I scared this guy a little when I saw him and squealed about his pet snake...he wasn't sure if I was scared or excited.  Of course I was excited.

What a beautiful bracelet you have there.

See the tongue of concentration?  She gets that from her daddy.

The water table was the best.  All the daddy's loved it and secretly wanted to play on it all day.  I would watch one dad after another build some cool channel for their kids to race their toys down and then look sad when the kid lost interest and wanted to move on to something else haha. 

So this is what 80 mile an hour winds feels like........

We all had fun trying out their electricity ball.......

I was so nervous she was going to pull her hand off before she was supposed to and get the shock of her life. I kept repeating to her to not move her hand. 
That was such a fun family day! I'm glad we can start getting out and doing these things more.


  1. who are these kids and where did the Gann babies go?!?! Love them so much!! And I'm pretty sure you win mom of the year for letting her do the electricity ball! I would've peed my pants!

    1. Lol Emily! I was scared too...and just kept saying over and over...don't move your hand...keep your hand on the ball ha! I'm sure the employee working the dumb thing was annoyed with me.


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