Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rio Movie Night

This silly girl...she's gotten really good at buckling herself in.  Every time she gets it on her own she'll cover the buckle with her hands until I walk around there to make sure she's in. Then she'll throw her hands up with the biggest proudest grin on her face to show me what a good job she has done.

Friday night we had family movie night with lots of snacks!  This was a real treat for her cause we don't do junk food nights.

B helped me make our homemade corn dogs.  They were semi healthy in that I used applesauce instead of butter and whole wheat flour.

Our meal...grapes, strawberry short cake, pizza, frozen chocolate poufs, corn dogs and mustard of course.

She was excited about her special plate.

I tell ya I just love this cheese pizza.  The brand is's like $3 too!! I normally eat a whole one by myself, yeah I have a problem.  Landon thinks it's crap pizza....oh well more for me!

We watched RIO.  I've never seen it before but loved it cause I love birds!!

We had daddy over too. He loves junk food ha.

Can't wait till the kids are older and we make it a Friday night tradition to have movies and snacks after a long week at school!

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