Saturday, October 12, 2013

Garage Sale for Dawey!

The day after Kasey arrived my mom had us over for a family breakfast mmmmm......

We were planning on participating in our neighborhood garage sale that weekend so we helped mom get some stuff together to sale.  We are going to donate the money to my cousin Derrick who is going on a mission trip to Africa in November.

I have nothing to do while I'm nursing but play on my phone and take pictures.

These things always end up being way more work that you expect, we had to find ways to keep ourselves entertained.

Of course we didn't have price stickers so at midnight we made a run to Walmart.  I told Kasey to get in the recycle didn't take much convincing.

She saw a man walking in so she hide and told me to tell her when he was gone.  So I told her he was gone but he really wasn't, scared him and her a little haha, she was so embarrassed haha!

Ok so earlier when I was at Walgreens printing out pictures we saw this guy...and he was soooo mean to his little girls.  They were the cutest and asking him questions and he would just yell at them to "Leave me alone!" Bless there hearts.  Not only was he a jerk but he was creepy looking too.  Then who do we run into at walmart, mean creepy guy!  Dad of the year with his little girls out past midnight and of course I had to be awkward and take a picture of him lol.

Found a Walmart employee vest I did!


I hate junk, I like everything to have a place.  I try to clean out my cabinets and closet all the time, sometimes I sell the stuff on fb and sometimes we donate it so we didn't' have much to sale......

We had some pretty cold weather that Saturday and I was in LOVE!  Ready for fall...not really for the weather but cause I'm over my summer clothes and want to wear new stuff!

My handsome boy helping out at the garage sale.

You can't see them but his shirt had elbow patches :) 

In da hood rockin the fanny.

You would be surprised at how many people go gaga over this dog!

Landon took care of Hason and Princess Celestia so we could work.

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