Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hason's 3 Months Old

Hason you are 3 months old!

* You weigh 16lbs 11oz. Goodness gracious!
* You only eat for about 10 minutes at a time... it used to be 20 but I'm not worried cause obviously you are getting enough!
* You are in 6 to 9 month clothes and size 2 diapers.
*By now with your sister I was always typing about how she was the best sleeper.  Unfortunately you are the worst sleeper...EVER. The Dr. says she thinks you are just one of those babies that doesn't want to miss anything. Sigh.
*You rolled over from tummy to back 5 days after you turned 3 months old, yay!
*you enjoy tummy time just a little more everyday
*you are so aware of things and like to wiggle, kick your legs and flail your arms.
*you are a sensitive little guy, you don't like loud noises and seem to get your feelings hurt pretty easy, once you do it's a little bit of a task to calm you down.
*you are so smiley and I melt when you talk to us!
*you are more aware of your hands and have tried batting at things a couple of times, goodness is it hard to keep you swaddled, but your not ready yet to have it taken away..
*you have become a pretty happy boy when you are awake and I enjoy taking you places cause you are pretty good when we are out and about.

Your life isn't that bad....

I love photo shoots with this baby boy.

I believe his paci may becoming a little problem though I think.  I don't want him to be addicted to the stupid thing and lately at night  he wakes up angry cause his paci fell out and he seems to need it to fall asleep. I'm afraid it's becoming a sleep prop and that's just one more problem we don't need keeping us up at night. So we are going to try to use it less and see if that helps ween him a little.

Just this past week has he started to enjoy tummy time a bit more.   I even caught him rolling over on video.  I could tell it was going to happen any day now and I didn't' want to miss it.  I'm thrilled these little milestones are happening, the Dr said she wanted him to roll over by the time he was 4 months old so the fact that he did it closer to 3 months makes me so happy.   I'm hoping  he does everything sooner than later, I feel the sooner he sits up, crawls and walks the sooner he will be a happier baby.  I can't wait for that.  Maybe I'm fooling myself but I don't see a light at the end of the tunnel so I'm holding on to whatever false hope I can come up with.

Beautiful little Nene!  I just love him so much! I still can't believe I have a boy...I think I say that every month.  I love having a little boy, I'm so lucky.

 Love that little face and oh the feeling I get when I kiss those fat ole cheeks!

Say what? I have milk on my mouth...

Here let me get it.....

I crack myself up!
This past month has really taken a toll on me.  He wakes every 3 hours at night.  I spend about 3 hours of my mornings trying to get a screaming baby to take a nap, then he's happy for 2 hours and then we start the fight all over again in the afternoon.  I dread everyday. He goes crazy when I lay him down for naps, like he's scared to death to sleep.  I am exhausted, defeated and discouraged at the end of almost everyday. What the hell am I doing wrong!  I am having such a hard time right now, I feel like I am drowning, barely hanging on.   I wake up with a headache almost everyday and I probably have an ulcer in the making.  If someone would have told me I still wouldn't be getting sleep at 14  weeks (and my kid wouldn't nap) I would have laughed in their face.  I would have bet them money and lost miserably.

All I want is a little routine, a little predictability by now.  You know when your baby turns 6 to 8 weeks old you start thinking...ok anytime now I'm gonna wake up, look at the clock and realize my baby slept 6 hours!!! Then they just keep adding on to that until they've slept through the night.  I've given up on that.  It just makes it worse when I tell myself.."surely he will be sleeping by blah blah blah weeks."   It's not healthy for either one of us to not be getting any sleep.   I'm so spent and have no patience,  I feel like I have nothing left to give Brielle at the end of the day, she doesn't deserve that....she's so sweet.  We are going crazy because we have tired everything...we've done what the books have said to do , we've spent $100's of dollars on colic meds, I don't eat dairy, we've tried the Chiropractor, I  took him to the pedi cause I didn't' know what else to do.  We supplement with about 4oz of formula a day so she put him on the most expensive formula, the most expensive probiotics and some expensive gas medicine to see if that helps. We uped his milk intake during the day to see if that would keep him fuller at night.  I'd give him bottles at midnight hoping he would go longer then. They say "sleep when baby sleeps" Well he doesn't sleep and when he does nap he always wakes up 30 minutes into his naps, he doesn't know how to transition into that different phase of sleep. Sometimes I can get him back to sleep, most the time I can't.  I'm failing miserably at this stay at home mom thing. You'd think I'd have it down by now.

.  God help me if I ever have a real crisis or tragedy...I can' t even handle having an infant, how in the world would I cope with something really bad?  That is definitely one of my biggest fears.   Brielle was an unhappy baby as well but was 100% better once she could sit up and was 6 months old, but at least she slept!  I hope we are half way there.  I think my babies just hate being babies. 


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  2. I was going to suggest supplementing with formula, but then I read you already are doing that. I am so sorry it is so difficult. Have you tried trying to keep him awake for longer periods of time b/t naps? The book Babywise, was a lifesaver for me. I made so many mistakes with my four year old, that he still is a terrible sleeper. I don't follow the book completely but I did try the eat, wake, sleep schedule and so far, so good. I am sorry. Being a stay at home mom is the toughest most important job. You are never off, given everything you are enduring-it's normal to feel tired, exhausted, worried, and overwhelmed. Hopefully your husband reads your blog and will see that you need a GOOD rest! Your daughter is not missing out, she is learning what it is to be a mother, to be a sister, to help others, to be selfless, and loving.

    1. Laura we did the eat wake sleep with our Daughter and we have had Hason on the same thing since about 6 weeks of age. It worked wonders with her and it doesn't with him at all. We have also read the baby whisperer and have done all the suggestions she has given as well. I'm telling ya I've tried everything. My hubby gets up and does one feeding a night and he also takes the entire night shifts on the weekends, he is such a help, a blessing and a very hands on daddy! So I feel rested on Saturday and Sunday but the rest of the week and weekdays its a different story. It's just something we are going to have to wait out I guess.


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