Tuesday, October 22, 2013

School Picture, The Longhorns and The Bumbo

Our little honey bear beauty had her very first school pictures done.  Crazy for me to think that I have a child who is old enough for SCHOOL pictures. :(

Her daddy just died over these. He always says with a huge smile on his face "I'm just so proud of her!"  She doesn't have to do a thing.  He's just so proud of her :)

They have a cute little board outside the classroom that changes themes ever so often.  Love my little scarecrow!

All my kids in the backseat after school.

We stopped at Schlotzkys for lunch and it just happened to be Schlotzkys birthday.

He couldn't believe that text message..."she said what!?"

Landon had an amazing weekend the weekend OU and UT played.  I'm glad he didn't bet any money cause he would have lost.  That's what you get when you bet against your team.  I love huge upset games!

I went out shopping while he watched football....this is my most favorite little consignment store here.
I may need to order those teething covers for my Ergo after all!

Someones head is so big and heavy even they get tired of carrying it around and need a break.

And this never happens...Abner really dislikes kids, so for him to allow B to pet him was a big deal

Brielle was about a month younger than Hason here but I thought this was cute!

We are loving the bumbo.  He is so happy when he gets to sit in it. Too bad the stupid thing is bad for his hip development or I'd let him sit in it all day long.
When I  get him out I have to hold him to my chest with one arm and use the opposite hand to pry the bumbo away from his body cause those fat ole legs get really stuck in there haha.

There are always sock lines from his fattiness lol.

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