Thursday, August 8, 2013

First Time Outside

My little man
What a yawn, every time Brielle yawned or sneezed when she was a baby she would cry and get upset afterwards.  So when Hason does it we cringe waiting for the fit, nice thing is it doesn't make him made like it did his sister ha.

We had to get outta the house, we were getting stir crazy.  Dad and Brielle played with chalk and I watched while I nursed Hason in the driveway.

She loves spelling out peoples names.......Grammy


Then her and dad drew this turtle, it looks like the planet earth lol.
Landon's a pretty good artist you know, his drawing in art class once won best drawing and was placed as the first page of the school directory that year! (It was a hilarious drawing of a guy playing sports with way too long of legs and a super small head and huge feet) What were those judges thinking lol! I like to make fun of him for it, but what's new :)

Milk coma

She's trying to copy our address, using a lot of concentration.


I am just loving this little man and don't really want to share him with anyone else, even his dad. I kinda being a little stingy ; )

Uh Oh!

One week post partum! I wasn't near this skinny with B even by month 4!
It's this what happens when you have a natural birth!?

And since I was feeling so skinny and breastfeeding it meant I could snack like this!
Landon went grocery shopping and came home with all this, he knows me well!

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