Monday, August 12, 2013

Two Week Check Up

Sweet Brielle has been so patient and just really seems so grown up to me since Hason has arrived.  I'm trying to remember she's still a baby too even though she looks ginormous next to her brother.
She keeps herself busy all day playing, and coloring and reading books.
(when I spell checked this post, ginormous came up wrong of course so for S&G's I right clicked to see if it would even give me a correct spelling, and it did! I didn't know that was a real word did you!)
I bought her this globe game online (my facebook garage sale) to keep her busy and I thought it would be a great way for her to learn about the world since she's got family living in Africa, Italy, Canada and South America!

When you gotta eat, ya gotta eat...and neither one of us were willing to compromise so here we are ha.

Here's little man at his two week check up

We had to laugh that these people probably wonder is Landon even has a job since he's been to every appointment so far. 

  The Dr. was more than pleased with Hason's progress and couldn't believe how strong he was when she put him on his tummy and he started pushing up with his arms and holding his head up. He is so strong! When we change his clothes we have to wait for him to relax or we feel like we might break his arm by trying to force it when he's working against us.  We also have to be very careful when we are burping him cause he will literally throw himself off our shoulders!
Anyways back to the check up:
He was 21.75 Inches long (had gained .75 since birth)
He weighed 9lbs 14 oz!!! LOL they only wanted him back to his 8lb 10oz. Big Boy! I must make some golden milk cause Brielle had a huge jump in weight at her two week appointment too way back when.
I believe he was around the 80th percentile for height and weight.
It's always nice as parents to be reassured that your babies are doing well. Our Dr. said "I wish all babies were doing as good as him" Yay!

Just because...........

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