Saturday, August 3, 2013

Welcome Home Hason!

First time at his home.

Meeting his Eskimo sister...Neely was so cute about it, she reminded me of Lady on Lady And The Tramp.  She looked at him so lovingly and would just wag her poofy tail.

My sweet chubby boy...instantly in love was I!

Landon surprised me when we got home with these beauties!  You better believe I had a bite outta each one too!

Our first day was pretty lazy......

My mom came over to cook and clean...I walked in and saw this...I said "what are you doing lol" she said "celebrating!!!" Haha that's my mom for ya!!!

Then my placenta encapsulator stopped by...I wasn't expecting her to make everything so cute : )

And here it is.....doesn't look so bad now does it.....ha,
ya'll still aren't buying it are ya?

She also saved the cord and made it into a heart shape for us too keep as a souvenir....It was gross (I'll spare you the picture)...we threw it away haha.

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