Monday, August 12, 2013

Meeting Gannpa, Gigi, Grammy and Pops

Two weeks after Hason was born Landon's Dad, Step Mom and Grandparents came to see us.

I died over this adorable outfit from Aunt Kaytie...I mean come on...elbow patches! How fashionable is that!

I just happened to have a hat that matched, and I just happened to catch a little grin right here...

Ok mom no more pictrures! 

"But Hason I have to take just as many of you as I did of Brielle cause your Aunt Kasey,Sherry Ann and I'm pretty sure Kaytie all gripe about how the first kid gets all the pictures, video time and attention.  I'm trying to make sure that doesn't happen so your Aunts don't throw a fit. I also don't want to hear it from you either when you are older, like uncle Brent who counts how many times his face makes it into the family calendar compared to the rest of us folks...Now that I think about it I'm pretty sure Uncle Trent made a comment this past Christmas about how he didn't show up till October"
Good gosh we have some needy people in our familys!!! Good thing I'm not one of them ;)

Gigi and Grams meeting their grandson and great grandson for the first time.

Proud Gannpa

We were all starving when they got there so we headed to the Cotton Patch for dinner. It's the first time we had taken Hason to a restaurant...We didn't take Brielle anywhere for the first 3 months! Thank goodness for not having a baby in flu season and the peace that comes with having a second baby.

My first time ever nursing in public! It was pretty liberating and empowering for some reason, not to mention  convenient.  Don't worry I'll never be one of those that doesn't cover up.

Afterwards Teresa and I wanted something for dessert.

I just love this picture!

When we got home we opened the massive basket full of stuff for the extra bag of stuff that didn't fit into the basket haha.  That's how Randy and Teresa gift've seen our stockings at Christmas...They go big or go home!
Love this man and all he does for our family. He's been cleaning the pool all summer and I feel bad cause I feel like that's my job...Plus he hates it and I like's peaceful.

For lunch the next day we tried Mooyah, we've never been before. There are so many restaurants we want to try around here!

We just died laughing over Brielle's creepy hilarious stick people she draws...this one is Hason.
 from left to right..
Hason, Brielle, Landon with his long ole legs(just like in real life) and me!

Lovin this Romper from Teresa.

Poppy showed us that a boppy has many purposes haha.

Every time we pass the bowling alley Brielle talks about how Gigi and Gannpa bowl (on a league)
Randy likes to loosen up before the game, cool stretches!

She looooves her Gannpa so very much. She always talks about how hes so funny like Goofy ha!
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I have a picture just like this of Grams holding B.
Loved y'alls company as always!

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