Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hason's One Month Old!

Hason is one month old, or as I like to call him "my little Nene" (spanish for baby)

Hason what are you up to:
-you weigh about 11lbs
-you wear size one diapers now
- you eat every 2 hours and 3 to 4 ounces at every meal
- you will take any bottle and most any pacifier, you have your favorites but for the most part you aren't picky about the nipples so that's good. I was worried it might mess you up breastfeeding by giving you a bottle so early but it didn't, you breastfeed 95% of the time.
-You've smiled for us a couple times but not sure if they were "real" smiles yet or not
-the nick names I've given you so far, Nene, Anger (You're kinda grumpy) and Little Ang...short for Anger

You are the loudest grunitest we've ever heard, especially when you sleep.  I've never heard a baby be so loud and make such sounds haha.  You crack us up (and keep us awake).  You sound like an old man!  Brielle always made little sounds but yours are soooo loud.

Brielle was a pretty fussy cry baby till she turned about 5/6 months old.  We thought Hason would be our easy baby....well as Landon pointed out he thinks Hase may be harder and a bigger cry baby than Brielle, how did we ever get so lucky PSH!  The first 2 weeks were great (we were till in the babymoon stage) but the past two weeks he seems to cry a lot in the mornings, weird since you're just getting up from a goodnights sleep and had eaten a good meal.This usually lasts until about 2pm then you're fussy again around 7ish until bedtime. That seems more normal, I think most babies have an evening witching hour, that's when Brielle's was.  And oh your give us a couple of small warning coughs and then you are on to a full blown angry SUPER loud cry.  We joke that you've never had a small cry of a newborn, you've got good lungs I'll give you that.

Good thing you're oh so cute and I am head over heals in love with you!

There's a half smile.

Nursing and relaxing in the shade while sister plays in the pool

Mine and Landon's favorite picture of our kiddos, those faces just melt my heart.

Brielle covered him up when he got fussy, gave him his paci and read him a book. It totally worked too.

I couldn't be prouder of her.

We have gone from cars to princess's in a blink of an eye. This is what she wants to wear everyday now.

Landon called me into the room the other night and said "you have to come see Brielle" This is what we saw.......

We had just had a discussion a couple days earlier about how we thought it was weird she hadn't pretended to nurse her baby yet lol.  Then she came up to me and said very matter a fact "mom I need to pump"
My dear you have many days ahead of you that you will need to pump, enjoy yourself and don't start now ha!


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