Friday, August 2, 2013

Our Hospital Stay

After some nice cuddle and getting to know each other time, they escorted us to our room.
I thought this was a cute little welcome.

I didn't order anything fancy for my first meal after Hase was born.  I didn't really care about that.  I was just super excited I could have real food instead of broth for 3 days like last time! I'm also not picky at all, I've never minded cafeteria food. I like it actually.

All this kid wanted to do was nurse the first day...but I was ok with that, I was totally looking forward to breastfeeding! I love it so much!

My first little love! I was so happy to see her, she looked so big and grown up to Landon and I!
Before she got there we sent Hason to the nursery. I wanted Brielle to have us all to herself for a few minutes before little brother was introduced and we wanted to have our hands free to love on her.

Her first time holding her baby brother.

So proud!

First official picture as a family of 4!

Lita's first time holding her first grandson.

My daddy even came up to the hospital and into the room!!! I can't believe I didn't' get a picture, stupid me!!  Last time he set foot in a hospital he passed out, he doesn't do well in those places.  He didn't' even come when Brielle was born. It meant a lot for him to be there.  Maybe it's cause his grandsons named after him, gave him some incentive lol.

We had planned on getting B a boy baby doll to give her from Hason...that was our plans for the weekend..instead we had a baby lol so we never got around to getting her the doll.
We did however have one gift for her that I bought early to give her from us.

HAHA, would you expect anything else?

I still don't think he believes he has a son!
 That evening after everyone left we headed to the nursery for Hason's first bath, and footprints and some other stuff.  I didn't want him bathed right away cause I wanted to rub in all the vernix, which to my surprised he didn't have much considering he was early. I was super excited I got to be there this time!  We loved the nursery nurse she was so sweet!  And it smelt so sweet and good in there, Smelt like babies!

So I know he looks really red here but that's cause he was! He was the reddest baby when he'd get upset and cry.  They kept telling me he was a great color. I didn't know people were supposed to be so bright red!

First bath.........

So this is what you look like after 37 hours of labor, pushing a baby out and being up all night breastfeeding....
Oh wait, shouldn't that be me! HAHA, I die over this picture...Men just can't hang with us...they could never be the ones having the babies!  Landon always says he can't believe I'm still alive weeks later without sleep and that God really puts something in us women to keep us going with a newborn ha!
Can't -Stop- Laughing!

I was overjoyed to be getting so much skin to skin with him. Absolutely breaks my heart that I had no idea about skin to skin with Brielle and that the hospital staff didn't care to mention it either.  She deserved to be close to me like this too, I can't have that back. Bless her heart.

Ah yes, even daddy got a turn.

The man of the hour checking on me and telling us we were free to go home
...he is the most laid back person I've ever met!
He hates having his picture taken but I told him he HAD to take one with me, he is my hero!

2:47 pm July 6th...exactly on day old!

He really does have 5 toes on that right foot ha, you just can't see the faint pinkie toe.

Finally go to get this thing annoying are these anyways!

Dressed up in his going home outfit.  He doesn't even look real to me here, like a baby doll.

He hated the hat, ya better get used to that buddy, since you can't wear bows you're gonna be sporting a lot of hats!
 All the nurses loved my car seat cover!
Thanks Aunt Emily and Uncle Trent! 

Why are we standing so awkwardly apart lol!?

Felt so strange to leave one day later when the first time we were there for almost 4! 
I have to admit I was sad to go and sad for that part to be over with!
It all went by way to fast...I would relive it over and over again! 

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