Friday, August 9, 2013

More Aunts and Uncles To Meet!

My sister and bf made it into down after Landon's mom visited. Do you see the giant Lightning Mcqueen coloring book they brought her : )

Sherry Ann's cute new car.

My sisters so little, Hason looks huge in her arms haha. Is is a big boy!

Proud Uncle Dawey was in town too!


Apparently I left my phone unattended for too long

This one cracks me up lol, poor James.

I swear, do we ever get outta bed anymore.  I know we don't ever get out of our pajamas.

Haha caught them both yawning.

Beautiful babies.

My first day at home by myself with both kids....I cheated a little cause I left them with my mom for a couple hours while us girls went shopping.


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