Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Who's Coming Now?

We have had so many visitors lately!  You know when you take a car trip and your kids constantly ask "are we there yet" well around here it's "who's coming now?"   We tell B that so and so will be coming but she doesn't quit grasp the concept of a week,therefore if we tell her someone is coming next weekend she'll get up super early the next day asking if they are here yet...not cool.  So to help her kinda grasp the concept I thought it would be fun to start drawing pictures of the people coming and make a countdown chain...that way she could cut one chain link off each day and visually see how many more days are left.  We will probably do this for her birthday and holidays too!

 And there's Kaytie on the left and Brielle on the right.  She wanted to put big pink flower bows in their hair ha!  We also numbered the chain links so she could see that numbers can go backwards as well.

Cutting off of first link! 4 more days till Kaytie comes!

I'm not so good at these nakey pictures yet and forgot to cover up his man parts with a washcloth like other mothers do so this little graphic golf  bag will have to do lol.
Anyways have you ever seen a fatter kid! His belly looks like it could explode at any second!! and those rolls on those thighs...I could just eat them up! 

(I must add that me and Landon think it is easier changing and wiping a girl rather than a boy...there's just too much to get in the way down there, I don't know why everyone thinks boys are easier.)

Tummy time, you gotta let everything air out every once and a while

Sweet girl being a great big sister as always.  Anytime I have to take Hason to an appointment I make sure it's not during hours when B will not be with me! She's such a huge help I make sure she can come!

My friend Natalie who is the busiest person in the world taking summer school, working full time and interning 20 hours a week made time for us and stopped by with a casserole for dinner. Now that's a good friend : ) She also gave Hase a cute onesie with a bow tie (the one Hason will be wearing in his one month photo) 

And she gave him this hilarious paci!
If you mustache, no I do not plan on sleeping through the night...EVER muah haha!!!

And some pictures to brighten any one's day!

His old man face........

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