Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kaytie Meet Hason

Hurray Aunt Kaytie is in town! Since it was a weekend Landon took the late shift with Hason so I could sleep.  Kaytie got here just in time apparently and got to hold and feed her nephew for the first time.  I thought that was so sweet!

I just love this super cute lovie she got Hase!!! She had it made just for him!

I love that Kaytie always brings Brielle some kind of craft project to do.  It jeeps her busy and it 's something we can do together.

How cute are the foam animals! She wanted to make a parade : )

The next morning was a donut kinda morning.

I wanted him to take a bite kinda like Lady and the Tramp with the spaghetti. He didn't want to play.

This picture turned out more awkward than if you would have just taken a bite!
Kaytie Me and even Landon couldn't stop laughing.

My handsome little man!

We tried out a local pizzaria for dinner. My mother highly recommended it and it is owned and run by true authentic Italians.

Kaytie was thrilled with her vinegar.

Then we had fro yo for dessert, the OG's weren't impressed....

 Brielle got down with the music and busted some moves for us, that kid loves to dance, I wanna sign her up for dance or ballet soon!

Before Kaytie left she finished the ottoman pouf I had asked her to make for Hason's room. I could have just bought one but I thought it would be way more special if his aunt made it for him.  My sister Kasey can paint really well and she is doing a painting for B's room.  I loved that both their rooms have something special in there from their artistic little aunts!

It turned out great, she's never made one before but I think she did an awesome job! Thanks so much Kaytles! It is so cute, just love it!

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