Sunday, August 11, 2013

First Dr's Visit

I'm  so behind on post, stressed out about it and annoyed that I can't keep them in order.  I've had no sleep in 6 weeks so my mind is jumbled.  This should have been one of my first posts.  Anyways here it is......
We took Hase in after the weekend to be checked out by our pedi.
He was 3 days old.

My little chunk was 21 inches long...grew half an inch since birth, and weighed 8lbs 8oz. He lost 2 oz since birth, not bad!

Apparently the poor guy had Jaundice pretty bad. Brielle had it too but we only had to supplement with two bottles.  Hason's level was at a 15 or maybe it was 17, so the Dr ordered us a biliblanket for the week : ( Oh how I hated that and I couldn't help but feel horrible and responsible for it cause my milk hadn't come in yet so how in the world was he supposed to flush it out.  I took a fenugreek vitamin that night and it seemed to have done the trick.
And so life and double tasking begins with a newborn.......

Sweet boy laying in the sun to try to control that darn Jaundice.

Isn't this the saddest little picture..breaks my heart he had to spend his first few days at home in that dumb thing!

He did so well though and never once tried to take off or fight his glasses.
I wasn't about to mess my eyes up either and the light was so bright and annoying I slept in sunglasses every night...really I did, wasn't as uncomfortable you think it would be.

Back again...we had to go back everyday for 4 days in a row that week and everyday they would prick him and take blood from his heal. UGH I hated that..thank goodness they let me nurse while they did it to help soothe him.

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