Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Brielle's First REAL Haircut!

Brielle will be starting Preschool in September.  With everything we have going on I am trying to think of ways to uncomplicated my life.  One being Brielle's hair.  She is very tender headed and hates having her hair combed (at least she's always worn a bow! That's all that matters right!) So I thought it would be beneficial to both of us if we cut her hair.  I feel it's a deep crime to cut long hair. I did it to my own and now I'm doing it to hers, for shame on me! But change is good to.

We found a cute kids haircut salon.

And here it is! I love it.  Makes her look like she's two instead of 4!

Smile....ok not like that! haha!

Before and after. Her dad was not impressed.  He is and always will be a long hair liking kinda guy!
She's still just as beautiful as ever : )

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