Friday, August 9, 2013

Our First Visitors

My sweet friend Jayme and her family stopped by to bring us dinner and see Hason.  She is pregnant with her third boy due in December!

She brought us a feast complete with a blueberry cobbler!

Then later that week the Colemans came by, Aunt Emily couldn't wait to get her hands on him.

Brielle and Levi were so excited to see each other and played and fought as they always do now lol.

They brought us some Rosa's!  I ate enough to hold me over for the whole week, love taco Tuesdays!

Then everyone took a dip in the pool.
I can't stop laughing at these pictures..totally looks like Landon is drowning and Trent and Levi are just letting it happen haha! 

I've gotten some pretty hilarious pictures of Landon day I'll be there to snap a shot of him falling into the pool while cleaning it...that's happened twice now and I've missed it both times darn it!

The beautiful ladies! I was super jelly of Emily's great body and her new swimsuit.

No little swimmers, no problem!  A regular diaper will do...we had to refill the pool after Chole got out, cause she took half of it with her haha, have you ever seen such a full diap!

My sweet big boy (doesn't he look long) sat and watched them all play.

Bright eyed beauty

Always a blast to spend time with the cousins!

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  1. My favorite people!!!! Love me some cousins!!!


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