Thursday, August 8, 2013

Nonna and Mimi Visit!

Brielle has been an incredible big sister! She has shown no jealousy and loves her new baby so much!
Not gonna lie, I was extremely nervous about how this would affect her and how she would regress.  She hasn't!  She still sleeps good, potties good and is so helpful and just the sweetest.  The first day home with us after being with my mom all weekend after he was born she had quite the attitude...we were worried and thought that was how she was going to act was bad.  Ever since then she's been fab!  I think she was just tired, and overwhelmed and not used to being away from us that long and off schedule.  So far having two kids is easy...of course there are trying moments but for the most part it's not hard at all.  We both thought it would be like that, cause for Landon and I nothing could be more of a shock than going from zero to 1!

What a little angel.  Babies are such miracles!
In love with these boys!  I have a boy, still can't get over that!!!

Landon's mom came to visit the weekend after he was born.
Nonna meeting her grandson for the first time!

I think she was just a little proud : )

Squishy face!

My Aunt also happened to be coming into town that weekend to fly out to Colombia so she got to meet Hason too!

She brought me a fabulous push gift.  My aunt is like my second mom, I love her and look up to her so much! She means the world to me!

I have a picture like this of her and mom with Brielle in the hospital...they fight over my babies lol!

Cracks me up that when Brielle was born Yasmin automatically dubbed herself a grandma too, she's my kids Mimi. Since she's my second mom it only makes sense that she became a grandma as well doesn't it.

Juquita took such great care of us while she was here and prepared every meal for us that weekend!

Brielle was happy to play with her Sasha.

A colorful dinner just the way Nonna likes it.

No west nile sqeeters getting to this baby!

Once we got Hason home I realized we didn't really have any newborn outfits.  Once upon a child just happened to be having a huge sale that week so I headed out to see what I could find.  I scored big time!!! Every one of these outfits cost me $1!!! Can you believe it...the bottom right is a Janie and Jack romper that was originally $36 just itself!   The funny thing is about a month ago I did a little shopping and had wanted to buy 3 of these outfits but decided to pass, it was meant to be cause they were still there waiting for me!
Nice hair Bro!

Of course Nonna didn't come empty handed (as if the meals weren't enough)

I would wear this if they had my size, so cute! A little bit jealous of Brielle : )
Look how teeny tiny he looks!!! Even though he's almost 9lbs here!

I am blessed to be able to say I have one of the best mother in laws out there! Not many people can say that and I'm so lucky!

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