Thursday, August 15, 2013

Frisco Fun

My friends Melodie's boyfriend got a suit again at the Frisco ball park this year, it was two weeks after Hason was born but I was itching to get out and it was only for a couple of hours. They also had free food! I missed having a wine bottle all to myself like last year though.

Nice to get out and feel normal!
Frisco has are really cool splash pad so we decided to visit and show dad where we like to have play dates with our friends.  Look how protective and concerned he is.  He was worried about there being so many kids and losing Brielle, lol I'm obviously used to this since this is my life everyday but he was keeping a watchful eye over his princess.

This kids always hungry! 

And this is B's reaction to us telling her we were getting sno cones. 

What a beautiful little spirit!

A&M = a tongue out YUK!

Some pictures just because.....
Future brother of Sigma Nu!
( I hope he is, we will have to find a school where Sigma Nu's are good cause they vary so much, good thing Chi Omegas are pretty much the bomb anywhere, I can hopefully grantee Brielle will want to be one!)

Who sleeps like this, ouch!

A future Jessica Simpson perhaps (love Jessica Simpson)

Our first walk in our new Joovy stroller, Brielle loves it and so do I.

Pretty pretty princesses : )

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