Sunday, August 11, 2013

Getting out and Hason's First Bath

So I've joined this FB group, it's pretty much a garage sale sight for just my city.  I have scored so much awesome stuff for cheap! My kids are never getting new toys again lol! Just joshin!
We live in one of the safest cities in the country and apparently most trustworthy too.  Most of the time people just put the stuff on their doorstep and you leave the money under the mat.

When I tell Brielle we are going somewhere she now asks, "Are we going to a house?"
HaHa why yes we are, that's how we shop around here.

Well looky there, a practically new paddle board for
B to practice her swim lessons with. $2!
Love this man

And his sexy scruff after not shaving for 11 days.  I'm so blessed he got to be home with us that long after Haosn was born.  The he went back to work for a week while my mom was off to help me and then took off two more days the next week! 

These post are all out of order I know.
Hason's first trip out of the house...Target, I'm trying to raise him right!

Hase's First Bath!

He liked it pretty well.  Not any screaming unlike his sisters first bath ha!

He loooooved this was the cutest moment and he made the sweetest faces!

OOOOoooo I could just eat him up right here!
He's grinning : ) Love this baby boy so much!

Is someone gonna have some curl?

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