Monday, September 30, 2013

Hason's Hospital Visit

I had gotten sick a couple weeks ago. Had a high fever, body aches, chills, sweats. I though for sure I had mastitis again.  Now I don't think that was it.  I felt better after just a day but still had a fever for a couple of days after.  I guess whatever it was I had I passed on to Hason.  I took his temp (rectal of course cause I don't trust the thermometer any other way) on a Thursday afternoon and it was 99.  When Landon got home I took it again and it was 101 yikes! In babies under 3 months of age you are told to panic if it's at 100.4.  We called his Dr. but since it was after hrs they had us go to the Urgent Care Center.  Awesome thing about our town is they have an Urgent Care that's just for kids.  It was the cutest place and we were the only ones there!


You could tell he was sick but he wasn't acting too bad.

They had TVs in all the rooms!

They took his temp again and then monitored his breathing. He was breathing 75 times a minute when at his age should only be taking 35 breaths a minute.  They were pretty concerned about pneumonia so they sent us to the Emergency Room at the hospital. This emergency room was right across from the hospital and not actually attached to it.

We actually ran home first so I could get Hase some socks cause I knew they'd want him stripped down and it would be cold in there.  Conveniently the hospital is only 2 minutes from our house.

They wanted to run some tests, take x rays of his lungs and monitor his breathing some more.  Landon and I weren't to worried. Since this was our second kid we were more calm but you can never be to safe when they are this little and something bad could spark so quickly.

Bless his little heart, I hated to see him pricked so much.  I had to leave the room.  I went the waiting room while they did their tests.  The waiting room also had a tv, water bottles and a machine that made 8 different kinds of coffees....cappuccinos, hot chocolates and so on....all free! The security guard on duty was so sweet and you could tell he was trying to get my mind off of things.

In good spirits considering.

He was so sleepy by the end of it all.

They had us do a breathing treatment....we are all to familiar with those.

The next day our Pedi wanted to see us for a follow up.
He still had a bit of a fever but was breathing way better.
I honestly think he was breathing fast because of the fever. When I have fevers I do that.  Of course we don't' want anything to be wrong with him but good gosh I am not looking forward to the Dr bills from all of this! What a waste of money, that definitely stresses me out.
Thank the good Lord there wasn't anything wrong with our little man though.

Sister kept herself busy reading books while they checked Hason out.

She found this phone in the toy box at the Dr. office and asked "what is this" lol are we that old already that our kids don't know what a flip phone is?

A few days later we got this in the mail.........

Are you kidding me! I couldn't believe it. Who does this anymore.  The children's Urgent care sent us a card signed by the staff and the Dr we saw, a sticker for Hason and they even remembered that we said we had a daughter at home too. Wow, we were impressed.

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