Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July weekend part 1

Enjoying a nice evening at home (I didn't feel like wasting a diaper for just a few minutes in the pool ha)

I was still on vacation mode when we got back from our cruise so I hit the pool 3 days in a row last week!

Lunch at Crush Wine Bar, one of my favorite lunch places, all their sandwiches and salads are so unique and good, they even have a peanut butter and banana sandwich with chocolate sauce!

I can't get enough of this little girl! I love sharing my days with her!

We had a going away party for my cousin Natalie and her Boyfriend Trent last week, they both got transferred to work in Italy!!! Lucky dogs!

Uncle Eddie and Natalie

Goodbye Kiss

A studious girl already she is!

Landon and I enjoyed our cruise so much we decided to take a mini trip to dallas for the forth of July, we went down Friday and came back Saturday so we could spend the rest of the weekend with our baby girl

Everything was so pretty there, even their UPS store

Little wedding chapel overlooking a small lake

and on that lake they plan to build an old timey looking ship with a coffee bar and Italian ice cream shop!!!!

Couldn't describe it better

Saw this in the parking lot at the outlet mall, haha what a cute idea!

Landon wanted to see the ballpark, isn't it cute

Happy couple heading home

Finally made it home, picked up Brielle and this little guy! What an adorable neck pillow right!

OOOOhhhh my nephews just the cutest!

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