Sunday, July 24, 2011

Colts Home!!!

Colton finally made it home Thursday night after a delayed flight. We met at Napolis to celebrate! Thank you Jesus for keeping him safe and bringing him back home to us!

I like your costume uncle Colt (he hates when we call it his "costume" so what do we do...we call it his costume ha!)

Love being together with our family, but missing the ones who aren't here : (

Brielle and Maisie, Maisie is always asking to babysit, I love that...I'll def need her in the next couple weeks since my mom can't keep her due to her broken arm.

Entertaining Maisie and Saige, oh how she loves them, and it's a very very rare occasion that we let her up out of her highchair until it's time to go. I don't want it to ever become a habit, I hate kids running around restaurants!

oh I just love this!

I jumped up, clapped, cried, and was shaking when Colt walked in the door. I couldn't get to him quick enough!

I remember this guy!

Makes my heart so happy to see these two together, Brielle is always a little hesitant around people she doesn't know for the first few minutes she meets them but not with Colt, it's like she knew exactly who he was!

My sisters mother and sister in law, aka Aunt Maisie and Yaya

YAAAY! I'm so happy for them!

Fraternity brothers and brother in laws for life!

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