Monday, July 4, 2011

Cruise Fun, Post #4, Bon Voyage!

They had activities everyday that you could choose to go to and one was animal towel folding! I was super excited!

My cute little elephant!

Not a good pic of me (remember this is the day after Cozumel ha)

They had a guest appreciation night with a show and free drinks!

I've never had a whiskey sour before but it was soooo tasty!

Every night at dinner the wait staff would sing or dance for us, here is our little waitress, she was so adorable and sweet! She took really good care of us even though she couldn't talk English very well and she kept getting my name wrong, I think she called me vanilla and banana a few times haha!

Our table of friends

Our last dinner on the ship, sniff sniff tear.

Crab cake

Parmesan crusted steak with marinara sauce!

Ice cream dessert

A seal!

At the comedy show

One of his jokes was....
"My wife and I were watching a movie and the song came are a girls best friend...she leaned over to me and said, oh this is my favorite song and Christmas is coming up....Well I can take a hint, so for Christmas I bought her the soundtrack. She was speechless for a week!"
I thought that was so typical of a guy HAHA what an idiot!

Our last night on the ship

Breakfast in bed

Bye room, R130

I thought this was so cute out in front of one of the shopping centers

Landon took me to this beautiful outdoor mall to get my anniversary gift, I wish we had shopping places that looked like this... they had Chanel, Oscar De la Renta, and so many other awesome stores!

So many handbags, so little money ha!

Meet my new best friend, his name is Palermo

Happy Anniversary to me from my sweet thoughtful husband! I am sooo thrilled about my new bag!
I got him tickets to see OU and UT play by the way : )

Last day in Miami, we just left the beach and it was raining, that's why Landon's shirt is all wet (it's not sweat I promise)

Farewell Cruise vacation, we are sad that we won't ever be first time cruisers again...we were just so in awe of everything and so excited. We thank God for the country we live in and for all these magnificent opportunities we have in our lives, we feel so extremely blessed to be able to do the things we do and have the things we have, and know the people we know!


  1. Loved reading all about your trip!! So glad y'all had a great time and congrats on 5 fantastic years of marriage!!! And WOOHOOO Landon for great anniversary gifts!!!! Have fun with your new bff, hahaha.


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