Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Uncle Mark

I'm soooo behind on posting, we have been doing to much lately!
Last weekend we had a b-day party for my uncle...who I didn't seem to get any pictures of oops haha.

My mom with her broken arm

This is Yasmin's yorkie, massey...Brielle called him a mouse haha!

Uncle Dawey and B

Landon and Yasmin trying to get a game started

Daddy's turn

He made it in! look how happy the old man looks! haha!

Chico hiding with the 10 day old hard donut he found haha

Me and Kasey against Landon and Derrick

We lost sooo bad, it was like 22 to 1 ha!

Lita's not much good with a broken arm

My sisters

Brielle's mimi (my aunt) has a fake rabbit in her yard and Brielle loves to pick it up and play with it

I love that sweet little smile!

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  1. Very nice black cast.How did you break your arm?


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