Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July weekend part 2

Sunday afternoon we took Brielle to our water park for the first time, She loved it like I knew she would!

Getting excited and jumping up and down

OOps! Don't worry Dad was standing nearby to save her

See she's ok, poor thing

She loved the big floaty, she'd climb on the middle of it and just bounce

Lazy river

I had a groupon to cowboy gelatto so we went there after the pool, we looked a little ridiculous in our wet swimwear. I love to eat there, they have the best burgers and sandwichs and creative flavors of ice cream like strawberry habanero and bud light lime ha!

This is a moment, B has never had macaroni and cheese before, this was really the only thing on the menu she could eat! Every time we go to a restaurant I order her veggies,I feel that the restaurant macaroni is worthless calories, I wish they would at least use whole wheat macaroni and real cheese not powder!

Can't go to a Gelatto shop without getting some!

my ice cream was sooo delicious! It was Rum Raisin, I don't really like raisins but they were ground up so small you didn't even notice them (excuse the no makeup!)

This is the life she says

Headed home after a fun day! Finally RAIN!

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