Sunday, July 17, 2011

shopping, library and a party

Thursday night we decided to hit up some stores, Brielle brought her baby along

For some reason she felt the need to check the cement and let us know "no hot" ha!

After shopping we went to my friend Katie K's house, she had a slide she wanted to get rid of and I've been trying to find one at a garage sale all summer

B loved it! Thanks Katie!!

Look who was able to show up to laugh and learn Friday morning!!!

She adores that daddy of hers!

There is a song at laugh and learn where the kids are supposed to role around on the ground, they teach them this at a young age in case the baby ever catches on fire they are used to rolling and hopefully it will help if God forbid that ever happens, I would have never thought about teaching her something like that so young.

She is trying to get Landon to do it with her haha, he wasn't having it, apparently he's too cool to role all over the ground with a bunch of toddlers ha!

Out to lunch with dad after our library time

Friday night we met some of our friends for dinner, it was so nice to catch up with them, it feels like we haven't seen them all summer and we've missed hanging out with them!

Saturday morning we had a birthday party to attend at the Discovery Center

Birthday girl sneaking a taste of her cake

The table cloth was one big long piece of paper the kids cold color on, good idea!

After party fun

They had a space show reserved just for the birthday girl and her guests. Brielle did good, last time we went she was scared but she sat through the whole thing and got a little bored at the end. We might have to try out a dollar movie soon!

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