Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hart's Birthday

Saturday morning we headed to the pool for Hart's 6th Birthday. It was so nice to have the pool all to ourselves for a couple of hours!

The decorations and sweets and snacks were just perfect!

The cupcakes were AMAZING, she made them from scratch and they had pineapple chunks in them! yuuummm!

What talent! Khara made the cake all by herself as well!

party favors

Little Brother Kole

Hart the Birthday boy, I can't believe he's six!!

Kinley and Melissa...Melissa was in my sorority and is in my family, she's my grand little.

Proud momma

Eating a cupcake with the big kids, makes me laugh to see her trying to be so big! It's crazy, a year and nine months ago she wasn't even here and now she is doing and saying so much...I can't believe how much baby's can do at such a young age!

Trent and his AWESOME tattoo! A tattoo with a function, I like it!

The love of my life! She looks so darling here!

After the pool party we had no other plans until later that evening so we spent a lazy Saturday afternoon at home, a much needed one since we typically have several events planned all weekend and week long!

Just cause you don't have a boy doesn't mean you can't bust out a few boy toys!

Neely wanted nothing to do with that car ha!

Crossing her legs like a lady

Rolling on the ground with dada, She'll say "dada role, dadda role" and pat the ground to get him to do it with her

Patting dada's face and giving him some lovin

Neely's a little jealous I think

My sister Kasey stopped by to show us her Birthday present from Colt, pretty sweet if you ask me, nothing better than a black car!!!

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