Thursday, July 14, 2011


Monday night we decided to take Brielle to wonderland, it was free for her to get in and only $1 for us and all rides were also $1. So if she ended up hating it we wouldn't be out a ton of money!
We had to stop at subway on the way there, she was loving the booster seat!

I want that dad!

Here we go!

First ride of the night was the merry go round of course, she hated it! This was before we took off.

She was not thrilled when it started moving, this was right before a screaming fit, poor thing, so we moved to sleigh that doesn't move ha

Sad attempt at a family pic on the train

I wanted to ride the cars with her, those things are really tiny, we got in the front of the firetruck at first and I was practically folded in half haha, so we moved to the second seat, I was still crammed!

These things were faster than I remember! I got a little dizzy haha!

First time on the helicopters, not so sure about this

First time riding a ride all by herself! Tear, it was the cutest thing ever, Landon and I were just laughing and beaming from ear to ear, she just seems so little to us still but she looked like a big girl out there all alone, we are just amazed at all the things a baby her age can do!

It was a nice night cause there were no lines and we had beautiful cloudy weather so it wasn't hot at all.

I remember this thing being around when I was a kid, it's got to be at least 25 years old, crazy it's survived that long, wonder if anyone plays it anymore or if the eggs inside are just as old

After riding the boats by herself we thought we'd let her try the cars, I was a little nervous cause when I rode it with her the first time it took off really fast, gave us a little whip lash! I put her in with other kids so she wouldn't be scared, they were quite noisy too.

Look mom no hands

I told her to put her arms up, then she got wobbly, bad idea mom!

After wonderland we ended the night at frazzleberry! I love these frozen yogurt places, I just can't get enough of them!

Landon thought this was a flavor, he actually went and got a sample cup to try it, until I pointed out that meant it was out of order baaahaaa what a goof!

It was kinda chilly in there, I always carry a sweater in her diaper bag just in case, It seems public places always freeze you out in the summer

mmmm enjoyable!

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