Saturday, July 23, 2011

Baseball Game

We went to cheer on my best friends son Hart at his baseball game this week

Apparently when dealing with 5 year olds you have to go into the dug out to console them because they tend to cry when they get out haha, it was so cute.

Wishing he had a boy as well, haha, he was boy crazy after leaving that game!

The proud parents

Little brother Kole

Telling Khara all about the snakes he saw and how he was going to throw gatorade on them! (It was the sound of locus he thought were snakes haha)

Heading out to check and make sure there weren't any real snakes!

Brielle wanting to join the team for there after game discussion.

Wednesday night we went to visit Grandma and take her a late birthday gift since it was on back order and didn't come in for her actual b-day.

Look who figured out the doggie door, she had us all rolling!

Telling Grandma a BIG story

Thursday morning after laugh and learn I decided to try out the real part of the library with Brielle, she did really good and had lots of fun

Wearing our army outfit from yaya(colts mom) cause Uncle Colt comes home tonight!

Posing with Eeyore

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