Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Out with Colton

Saturday night Landon and I went out to eat at his favorite restaurant Texas Roadhouse, Gigi and Gannpa were dying to spend some time with B so we left her there overnight, they had a blast playing with bubbles I hear.

Here she is telling Gigi which jar she wants next haha it was so cute, she would make a little grunt sound and point at it.

My sisters!

The only appropriate photo of the boys, David likes to act up and not behave himself!

Random rednecks outside, We named them Richard, Nancy and Stancil!

Get over it! He likes me too!

The Johnsons showing us some moves

Our sweet Ashley!

Jamie one of our favorite people ever (and owner of the cutest boutique English Rose) stopped buy to see Colt.

The train!

James and Sherry Ann

I have a wedding picture with us making stupid faces like this as well ha!

Out on the dance floor, quick get a picture...This never happens, I hate to dance!

I don't know why I thought this was funny but I kept saying it to everyone all night long and they would look at me very confused ha!

Everything's just as it should be!

After a fun outing we decided to get something to eat

Mustard on eggs, just like our daddy taught us!

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