Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sox Game

Sunday we went to the pool after church and then to a sox game that evening with Randy and Teresa





Gannpa and Gigi

yum frozen pickle juice

Um maybe not, but she kept asking for more ha

We thought she might be afraid of this guy but you should have seen the smile on her face when he gave her a high five, priceless!

I have to post about a couple of cute things b has done or I'll forget.
She likes to get my lotion bottles and say "hand" "shotion" (show shun), haha she's always wanting me to put lotion or sunscreen on her.

To date we have tried out "time outs" twice now. We really don't know what we are doing, we just put her in her room for 30 sec both times. Brielle is a really good toddler we feel, she is super smart, wants to please and obeys most of the time. They say at her age she should be minding 60% of the time and I think she is.

But sometimes when she gets mad she lets out this horrible loud super high pitched scream and I just can't stand it. I've tried ignoring it but it hurts my ears, so the past couple of times she's done it we put her in her room but I think we are going to need to get a chair or something else, not sure how this time out thing is supposed to work yet.

Well the other day she let out her wonderful scream and Landon and I looked at her and said, "you're gonna get a time out". She looks at us and says "out?" runs to her room shuts the door and puts herself in time out hahahaha, it was sooo funny!

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