Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Kasey!

Sunday after church the Johnsons had a birthday party for Kasey at their beautiful home

The grandmas and Yasmin

The Happy couple

My beautiful cousin Sasha

The Men

This is the only shot of me that day, I was not feeling well at all

There's that tummy again! Love it when she sticks it out like that!

Playing with James

What could it be......UGGS!

Red Velvet cake yum!

Sunday afternoon was another peaceful evening with nothing to do thank goodness!

Brielle did a little gardening, we had all our flags out to celebrate Colts arrival!

Do we have a softball player on our hands?

Is this how you do it dad?

Sitting at the big table without the high chair tray, we are moving up in the world

Boy does she love brussel sprouts, and so do I!


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