Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Denise aka Yaya

My little doll in her sweet little cupcake dress

She looks like a doll in this picture cause of how stiff she's sitting haha

Oops there goes some drool, she's getting in her canines I think their called

Friday night we attended Denise's ?1st bday. Not only do I have the best in laws but I have the best in law in laws, haha I don't know what you'd call them but they are actually my sisters in laws . The Johnsons are some of our favorite people and we consider them just like family! They love us and Brielle so much, we just love hanging out with them!

Brielle loves their lake

Saige and Maisie were soooo good with Brielle and she just ate them up

Beautiful place for a party

Listening intently to mommy's story

Apparently she saw two baby deer in town that morning on the way to her studio, haha she's so serious!

Gathered at the pond to watch David aka popsy feed his fish. He will take a pail out there and bang on it and come up and know that it's time to eat, it's really cool to watch!

The proud fish man himself

The Birthday girl and I

This is how Brielle was all night! She was so crazy and just ran all over the place, I guess she's not used to having that much room to run around in

Me, Sherry Ann, Kasey and Maisie

My Fabulous dress, perfect for 100 degree weather!

Team Saige

Lets get this party started!

Oh how this kid loves to dance! I hope she'll be a ballerina!

Gift and Card table

Dancing with Dada


This was her face as we sang happy birthday to Denise (she loves music)

She enjoyed the song so much it deserved an applause haha......

and she didn't even drop her cup! Now that's skill!

Blowing kisses to Landon

Sharing a piece of cake! I had to get on to Lita cause she gave her frosting! AH!

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