Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July weekend part 3

Brielle last year 2010

Happy Independence day from my little sailor


Monday morning we headed to Canyon for their 4th of July parade, I love parades!

We found a Nonna there!



I loved this! Apparently everyone who owns a great dane decided to walk together in the parade! (can you see the frat house in the background? Go SIGMA NU!)

These kids were just toooo cute!

4th of July 2010

4th of July 2011

(I let her have one sucker and we gave the little boy next to us the rest) She got so many goodies and everyone just loved her haha, A lady on a float spoted her and told one of the boys walking next to the float to take a frisbee to her, well he started to walk towards another little girl and they lady yelled at him and caused a scene cause she wanted Brielle to have it,(and she got it) a little embarrassing for us but we do agree she's quite the cutie!

We decided instead of trying to beat the crowd at the square we would go help out the Baptist ministries and donate some money in exchange for hotdogs and lemonade!

Brielle wasn't to hungry so she only had a few bites. I was glad, hot dogs are a no no around here, I don't know why I'm so weird about food, actually I's cause of my mom, I get anxiety every time Brielle eats something unhealthy! But I'm trying to be a little better about it. I am thankful though that my mom taught us such good nutrition habits! Now just cause B isn't allowed to have a hot dog doesn't mean I didn't eat 2 myself haha!

4th of July babe!

One our way to the fair on the square

Holy cow it was packed, but then again it always is

Doing a little shopping in one of my favorite boutiques "The Rack"

Brielle was excited about the flowers or Shashoos as she calls them, I have no idea where she got that but I love it and hate it when her daddy corrects her ha!

My beautimous sister and me!

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