Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Beth Moore Similcast

Emily invited me to a Beth Moore Simulcast at her church this past Sunday.  I'm not one to pass up Beth Moore.   The lesson was called "No Longer"

I really like Beth Moore, she's one of the best Christian speakers ever! (and she has cute clothes) But I've never been a big fan of the "way" she preaches or better yet, her tone.  She's just a little loud for me, I don't like the yelling preacher types. 

After this simulcast I have changed my mind, I'm absolutely in love with her.  I see why she preaches the way she does and why she literally can't lower her voice....she's just really and truly that in love and excited about Jesus! She gets so excited and revved up she can't help  herself and I love that!  What it must feel like to feel that way all the time! She's so witty and crazy and sweet all at the same time.  I can't wait to hear her speak again.  If you haven't heard her "hairbrush" story go over to youtube now and watch it...Just put in "Beth Moore hairbrush."  You will laugh and cry.  It's one of my favorite stories ever!

I always love spending time with Emily, her sister in law Kristie came as well.  I've been able to get to know her and she is very sweet and fun to be around.  Great people in that family.

I enjoyed the lesson and it was totally something I needed. I had just got done telling Landon on the car ride there some of this stuff that I was struggling with that went along with the lesson, funny thing is nobody knew what she was going to teach until it started.
She spoke about Grace and what it truly meant.  Not about giving grace to others but to ourselves and accepting it full heartedly and having freedom by living that way. I needed that. I'm very hard on myself.  I need to realize that no matter what I do, my God will never be disappointed in me, nothing can take away my salvation and I am going to heaven to meet him someday! Wahoo!

I was sure happy to see this guy after being gone all day. We put sister to bed early cause she had a long day.   Hason and I sat outside and took pictures while dad cleaned our finally fixed pool.

I combed his hair for the first time haha, he looks so handsome!

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