Friday, September 13, 2013

Brielle Starts Preschool!!!

My little Honey Bear starts preschool this year. I checked out every school in town and fell in love with this this one, I liked their curriculum, they way the ran their classrooms, the administrator and the fact that they have holiday parties, daddy donut day and a Christmas performance (cause those last 3 are very important ha).  It's called SonShine Kids and it's at Flower Mound United Methodist Church. I love that it's in a church because I'm hoping it will lay a good foundation for her before she starts public school (CRINGE!) 
Landon and I went to parent orientation the night before and then I took B back in the morning for meet the teacher. She has 12 kids in her classroom.

Miss Lisa on the left is the assistant teacher and Miss Leslie is the head teacher.

Brielle was a bit timid at first but Miss Leslie helped her feel at home.
 That night we spent some special time together since I'm usually feeding Hason.

You know this is the best part about school for a mom...getting to buy all these super cute goodies for her to take! Oh and the one on one time at home with Hason is nice too.  B is just so hard to entertain these days and gets bored at home, she's smart and needs more stimulation and I'm super happy she gets the opportunity to got to school. She goes Tuesday through Thursday from 8:45 to 12:45

Today's the day...She looks little here.

Of course Daddy joined us for her first day.

She did so well and so did I, no tears! When I picked her up she said "I love preschool, I want to go again!" That makes me so happy!

Hason and I headed to the grocery store after we dropped sister off. This is how he looks in the can hardly find him underneath all the groceries lol.

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