Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hason's First Road Trip!

A couple weekends ago we packed up the car full to the brim and headed to Amarillo for a quick trip to celebrate Landon's grandparents 60th wedding anniversary!
This was Hason's first road trip and first time to Amarillo. He did so good! Of course slept most of the way.  I was worried he'd sleep even less that night than he already has since he got some much rest in the car but he actually had a longer stretch of 3 1/2 hrs!

What the!? HAHA Oh rednecks.

Road trips are boring mom.......

Just kidding, I'm excited to meet my great grandparents!

Disclaimer...anytime you see him outta his car seat just know we are stopped, I promise we didn't' drive this way.  Kinda wanted to though, how much easier that would have been for nursing.

Got to spend a whole 6 hours with this sexy man!

Here hold the fan while I get in the backseat and feed the baby.......
yes we take our giant fan everywhere lol.

I totally got stuck trying to get back there and it hurt!!! I hate the thought of us having a car payment again but this isn't going to do for much longer.

someone has found his hands...

My first stop on Saturday was lunch with two of my dear friends and sorority sisters! Alicia had a baby girl one week before me.

And Trena who is due the day before Brielle's birthday with a baby girl named Trudy, I'm so in love with her name!  It was so nice to catch up with them...it wasn't enough time though...we could and should have spent the whole day together!  I was an hour late for my hair appointment. Good thing my hair lady is one of my best friends and totally understood I needed my girl time : )

Dark hair don't care

I stopped by Grandmommy's and Grandad's to visit for a bit
This was her first time meeting her great grandson.

The folks visitin and looking at old photos.

I left there and just ran around...stopped and got me my favorite blueberry green sweet tea!

My cousin so graciously lent me her car for the weekend! I was so pumped. If you know me you know I like sports cars and hate driving an suv...this may not be a sports car but it was awfully close and fast...I may have gassed it a couple of times...Don't worry cousin, I took good care of it and put gas back in there :)

Aunt carol stopped by and got to see Hason as well! She pointed out that she thinks he looks like Landon's dad Randy. I've never thought of that but now that she said it, I can see a resemblance!

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