Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lazy Saturday

Hason's vision has gotten better (you know how babies can't really see or follow things in the early months) He will now watch Brielle when she's talking or plays...I know this will be a huge help in keeping him entertained in the future.

And he just loves her.....

A couple Saturdays ago we were having the cousins over to swim, Brielle helped me make some dessert.  (I made sure she washed her hands really good and kept them away from her face, kids can be so dirty)

You can hardly see Chloe under her pile of stuffed animals. Brielle was never a big fan of them but apparently Chloe adores them. She brought down every mickey and Minnie she could find. Apparently she had Disney in her blood just like her brother and mom and dad ;)

To our sadness our pool quite working Friday night. Landon got up early on Saturday to fix it because we were pretty sure we knew what the problem was. What he fixed needed fixing but it didn't get the pool going again...apparently the pump went out, one of the more expensive parts...Fabulous!!!  So we spent our Saturday just lounging around watching football and the kids play.

I was glad Brielle got to play her little heart out that day!  I wish she had more days like this with little playmates.
We wanted to size up Hason and Chloe...he is so huge and she is so petite we were sure they'd almost be the same size even though they are one year apart.

After everyone left I kicked my feet up on my comfy foot rest and continued relaxing.
Neely totally let me lay this way forever. Such a good girl.

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