Friday, September 13, 2013

On The Road Again

Before we left Monday morning I met my sweet friend Kristin for some Starbucks. I've known her since she was 7 years old! She's like my other little sister!
 Brielle got a tote at preschool orientation and we were told that we could decorate it any way we like. Well I can't paint and I didn't have time that weekend since we were visiting family. But Kristin can sure paint so I dropped the bag off with her when I had my hair appointment.

Their feta spinach wrap was the bomb and of course I really enjoyed my first Pumpkin spice latte of the season!

And here it is!!!! She didn't disappoint!!!

I just love it, Brielle's classroom had a bunch of owls everywhere. Which was pretty perfect since Kristin is also a Chi Omega and has had tons of experience painting owls on our cars and dorm room from rush over the years!  Landon could not believe it when he saw the bag (actually he could) then he laughed and said "I'm surprised she didn't do the straps" I said "She actually apologized for not doing the straps cause she ran out of time" lol That is so Kristin, into every tiny detail.

Next we stopped at my aunts house to drop off my cousins cool car : (
I got to see this girl......

This is my cousin Sasha's dog. Her name is Tilly (spelling?)  She's a blue border collie, that's right blue, how cool is that.  I'm all about rare breeds but if I were going to get one that's more common I'd get a cool color. Like a German Shepard... I'd get an all black or all white one. If you want a lab...get a chocolate one! That's just me, I don't like the typical.

My driving buddy

So yeah, Kaytie forgot the cake she brought to her dads after the party and somehow we ended up with it in the car...needless to say I may or may not have eaten a lot of cake on the way home! 

This sign always gives Landon the laughs like a 12 year old little boy. Typical.

We stopped at my fav burger place...McDonalds of course! I know everyone else hates it but my sisters and I LOOOVE it!
Um..your son is falling over...

haha look at that annoyed face.

And if I'm not mistaken this is Brielle's very first McDonalds burger!! She's been missing out eating those "healthy" chicken nuggets haha.  I think I was scarred by my childhood next door neighbor who always bought her two little girls McDonalds burgers for dinner. It was so sad because they were only 2 and 4 and super overweight.  I was only a little girl back then too but I even knew that wasn't right. 

The loves of my life!

Hason had his dinner too in McDonalds...he ate better than all of us.

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