Saturday, September 7, 2013

Puppy Dog Tales

When Brielle was a baby I captured a picture of her and Neely laying side by side asleep. It was so cute. So of course I wanted one of these two as well.

Here they are all stiff for the camera...

a little more relaxed....

Gimme some room!

Tickles me to death that they are doing the exact same thing in almost every picture!

Bend and stretch.....

When family comes to town that means these guys get to come too...they are the best part of our family for they love unconditionally. 

Little Abner just adores Landon

and Neely adores Sasha.

Yup, he attacked it and popped it.
 My Aunt and Uncle brought their dog Chico with them. Well Thursday night he got out of my parents backyard.  All 10 of us went on a hunt for him.  I called every shelter I could find in our area, posted pictures on facebook, put lost signs on street posts, an ad on craigslist........nothing. We are all soooo sad to see him go. I still can't believe we couldn't find him. Bless his heart he was 12 years old. You will be missed little Chico!  What a sweet boy.

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