Friday, September 6, 2013

Boats and Wholes Lot Of Fun!

Friday everyone decide to go shopping again. I opted to stay home and rest.  As soon as I though Hason was good and asleep I laid down and drifted off as well. Not 10 minutes later he wakes up crying and wouldn't stop. I bout lost it. Isn't that the worst to get woken up outta a deep sleep when you'd only been asleep for a few minutes. I started crying uncontrollably and shaking, just couldn't take this nonsense anymore. I was just exhausted to say the least. My sweet sisters then decided to give me a much needed nap and took the kids with them. I actually got a shower and a 3 1/2 hour nap.

When I found out everyone was coming into town I wanted  to come up with something fun the whole family could do together besides go out and eat, boring.  How bout renting a boat!  Who doesn't love the lake and everyone from newborn Hason to 75 year old daddy could go!!! Wahoo!

It was a bit of a fiasco when we got there. Apparently they didn't have our rental and a said they had tried to call us.  ALRIGHT!! OK!!! Um no! We had originally rented the boat that could pull a tube but conveniently it was broken down so they gave us just a plain old boat.  I may have caused a little bit of a scene in there when they said they didn't have our boat. I may have angrily told the guy behind the counter that I was going to have a heart attack(cause I was so pissed) and that I had to get outta there! More of a scene than I normally would have caused because of my sleep deprivation...I turn into a monster when I'm tired.  I can't stand it when I spend so much time and energy planning something and then it goes all wrong! Any who, we got a boat and that's all the matters I guess.


The boys minus James...he was on the girl end of the boat.


(step brothers remember, love that movie!) That's all we could think of when we were out there, may have yelled it a time or two. Earmuffs Brielle.

Awe this is the life.  Somebody seriously needs to get a boat.  We are hoping on Aunt Emily and Uncle Trent for that one : )

Our sweetie bear kept asking how we were going to get on the boat. She thought we'd have to swim out to it lol since she's never been on one she didn't' know there were docks. Such sweet innocent questions little kids have.

Cute little daddy!

The kids first time on a boat! (kid"S"...plural...that's still weird to say)

AAAHHHH! A 3 year old driver.

Oh she's got this!

We had a race to see who could swim the fastest back to the boat. Landon won of course, he's good at everything he does...Derrick was second and guess who was third.....two thumbs pointing at THIS GIRL! Yes the fat one who just had a baby and hasn't really worked out in 4 years!!! I was pretty dang much more could I accomplish if I did hit the me motivation!

My moms

Apparently we weren't entertaining enough for Hason.

The Boss, he enjoyed driving the boat...except it had a governor (think that's what its called) on it and we couldn't go over 2 miles an hour or an alarm would sound...or at least it felt like 2 miles an hour lol.

"Sometimes you just don't care"
For some reason we felt the urge to do this...........ENJOY!

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