Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hason's First Softball Game

Hello little blog...I have not forgotten you...I have many updates to come : )

Softball season has started up again and Hason go to attend his first one to watch his dad.


I have a feeling we won't make to many games this year but I'm sure Hase will love it next year!

This sweet dreamy face while he nurses....Sometimes when he latches on and gets that first suck his little eyes will move back and forth really fast as if to show that it's the best thing he's ever had lol!

I must say, I have had way more fun shopping for clothes for Hase than I have Brielle. Weird I know but I like fining little outfits to put together for him.

I post all happy pictures of him but don't be fooled....this is him most the time........

Neely was missing Landon a lot this day...she found his shorts on the chaise and it's the only thing that made her feel better haha.

Brielle ready for Preschool

Hason's tongue smile.......

It was Brielle's assistant room teachers Birthday this week so we put a gift basket together complete with a giant cupcake and apple spice candle.

So that the kids will stay quiet in the hallways they have them hold their "bubble" like this she says...........
When they are lined up the are told to put their hands behind their back like a duck tail.
At lunch time they always sing a prayer of thanks, Brielle taught it to me.
It's to the tune of "where is thumbkin"
God our father, God our father,
Once again, Once again,
Thank you for our blessings, Thank you for our blessings,
Amen, Amen.
I died laughing when she sang it to us because they say the Amen differently than we do when we say our prayers at night.  She thinks they are saying Awe Man lol and that's exactly how she sings it!

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